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The Activist Investor Conference 2024 logo

Livestream is Available Now

DealFlow Events welcomes the most concentrated group of investors, corporate governance specialists, advisory firms, proxy solicitors, and corporate board members to The Activist Investor Conference 2024.

This is your chance to engage and network with a targeted audience of highly specialized professionals working in the areas of corporate governance and activist investing.

The Activist Investor Conference delivers, as it did in 2010, when we first launched the conference to an audience of over 300 attendees.

The Activist Investor Conference is a forum for discussing governance-related issues raised by savvy finance professionals seeking to improve the fortunes of the companies in which they’ve invested.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for professional education as well as networking with colleagues and forging new business relationships.

At all times, the focus is on providing the highest quality content, innovative ideas, and exceptional networking opportunities.

Conference Topics

The Activist Investor Conference will address hot-button topics and cutting-edge content that attendees have come to expect from a DealFlow Event.

Value Investing: Another Way of Saying Activist Investing

  • Proposing operational cost reductions, strategies to increase revenue
  • Pushing for the sale of underperforming divisions or split a company into separate business units
  • Advocating capital allocation and structure, including share repurchases and changes to a company’s capital structure.
  • Demanding changes to the size and composition of a company’s board of directors

Trending Legal Issues Facing Shareholder Activism

  • Proxy solicitations and exemptions
  • Universal proxy and SEC rules
  • Do universal proxies increase or decrease board accountability?
  • Advance notice bylaws
  • Excise tax has chilling effect on promoting share buybacks
  • How private placements can undercut an activist strategy

How the Lone Dissident can Prevail

  • Challenges a lone dissident board member will face
  • Strategies for overcoming resistance and making your case
  • Transparency and communicating your intentions to add value

Impact of corporate relations with shareholders on an activist campaign

  • Good relations with large shareholders build powerful allies
  • Communication strategies for keeping shareholders content
  • Corporate transparency: activists cannot attack what is easily disproven

Shifting Activist Campaign Focuses

  • Pursuing change at ESG companies
  • “Woke” vs. “Anti-woke” agendas
  • Large-cap companies no longer off-limits
  • Targets more likely to implement counter-measures

Identifying Targets, Planning Strategy for an Activist Campaign

  • Importance of accumulating a significant stake quickly
  • Industries that are more (or less) attractive as targets
  • Vulnerabilities activists look for
  • Importance of the company’s shareholder profile
  • Timelines to consider when selecting a target
  • What’s the best approach? Control slates vs. short slates? Settlement vs. proxy contest?
  • Gauging the likelihood of negotiating a settlement

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Who Attends

  • Activist Investors
  • CFOs & Company Board Members
  • Rating Platforms
  • Hedge Funds & Public Equity Investors
  • Investor Advisory Companies
  • Financial Press & Trade Media
  • Litigation Attorneys
  • Corporate Governance Experts
  • ESG Rating Firms & ESG Advisors
  • Government Organizations & NGOs
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility Advocates
  • M&A Advisors
  • Corporate Attorneys
  • Investor Relations & PR Companies
  • Proxy Solicitors

The Venue


237 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10017

Convene at 237 Park Avenue has been called the “venue of the future.” Unlike other event spaces in New York City, this location is purpose-built for professional education and networking.

Convene building at 237 Park Avenue

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