Andrew Shapiro



Lawndale Capital Management

Andrew Shapiro is a seasoned corporate leader with a 35+ year track record in finance, investment, and corporate governance. As Founder and CEO of Lawndale Capital Management, he has managed activist/relational hedge funds for over three decades, making him one of the most experienced practitioners of this investment strategy. In this role he has employed a unique combination of corporate governance, finance, investment, legal, investor relations, and turnaround/restructuring skills. In addition to leading Lawndale, Mr. Shapiro has personally served as a Board leader or Advisor to many corporate boards, debt and equity bankruptcy committees as well as non-profit boards.

1:35 PM - 2:10 PM

Thursday March 21, 2024

Why Boards Should Think Like Activists - Benefits of an Experienced Activist in the Boardroom

  • Board stagnation as an obstacle to progression and profits
  • Maintaining an activist mentality to support enlightened board decisions
  • Benefits of having an experienced activist in the boardroom